Thomas Kinkade Cobblestone Bridge Painting

Title: Cobblestone Bridge
Artist: Thomas Kinkade
Painted: 2000
Tags: Bridges, Cross, England, Hampshire, Neighborhood, River, Stream, Sunset, Village,

About Thomas Kinkade Cobblestone Bridge Painting

Recently Nanette and I explored a new corner of the British Isles: the Hampshire region in southwest England. As we walked its quaint paths, I felt a longing for a time when rambling was a preferred mode of transportation. Cobblestone Bridge is bathed in the light of a golden nostalgic sunset, the glow of oil lamps, firelight in the thatch-roofed cottages, and the yearnings in my heart. The stately old bridge is constructed with fieldstones and the thatched roofs are built up from bundles of reeds. In the world of Cobblestone Bridge, man and nature live in God’s perfect balance. While we visited, Nanette and I shared in that harmony.

—— Thomas Kinkade